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Library Moves to Next Phase in Pandemic Reopening Plans

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

The Lawrence County Public Library is pleased to announce we are moving forward with the next stage in our pandemic plans.

• Management reserves the right to reinstate pandemic procedures based on guidance from the CDC, Alabama Health Department, Alabama Public Library System, or related professional library associations as needed.

• Masks optional but highly recommended for the unvaccinated.

• End required quarantining of returned items.

• The children’s library will be reopened.

• Reopen public restrooms to the public.

• Patrons may check out fifteen (15) items of which no more than 2 may be video items.

• Open five (5) computers to facilitate social distancing to the public for a duration not to exceed two (2) hours per patron.

• In-person programing to resume in August – most likely will require social distancing. (Library Board voted in August to delay this step with the surge in COVID cases.)

• Limited seating areas to be made available to the public.

• Library will resume fax, copy, and scan services during this stage.

• Physical donations can be accepted during this stage with a limit of ten (10) items.

• Public is informed about limited access and measures being taken via web and social media.

• Library hours to remain on the current schedule for the summer, but to resume normal operating hours when school resumes in the fall unless pandemic conditions dictate otherwise. (Library Board voted in August to delay this step with the surge in COVID cases.)

The previous pandemic reopening plans are posted here.


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently released updated COVID-19 guidance for individuals who have been fully vaccinated.

The fully vaccinated population, besides some narrow exceptions in special circumstances, are no longer advised to wear masks or maintain a distance of six-feet in outdoor or indoor settings. However, the CDC guidelines specifically stipulate that “local business and workplace guidance” should now be followed above that guidance, meaning businesses are still free to require facial coverings or take any other COVID precaution that they have been throughout the pandemic.

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