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Unlocking Boundless Knowledge: Exciting Updates for Homeschoolers in the Alabama Virtual Library!

Calling all homeschool teachers and students! We've got some fantastic news hot off the press from the reference librarians at the Alabama Public Library Service. Brace yourselves, because we've received an update that introduces a range of exciting new resources. Trust us, these resources have the potential to be incredibly useful for your homeschooling journey. Get ready to enhance your learning experience and dive into a world of knowledge like never before. Let's explore the possibilities together!

From the APLS Reference Librarian's desk:

As you all know, Gale offers wonderful resources for your patrons use through the Alabama Virtual Library. In July, Gale will begin introducing a range of new features and content to enhance user experience and expand classroom use with Gale Literature Resource Center. It’s aimed to empower students working with primary sources and provides instructors easy-to-find materials that inspire learning.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • New browse functionality

  • 700+ portal pages focused on works of literature and literary topics

  • 169 new works portals and 270+ new topic portals

  • Access to 100+ original works of literature

  • New primary and historical document sets, building to 100 distinct sets including 500+ documents

  • Current featured works and featured authors experiences will be removed; however, all content will still be accessible via search

The enhancement will release in two phases: on July 28, 2023 and in early Fall 2023. To learn more about the upcoming enhancements and our user experience research, read their blog post.

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